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Doctoral School

 “The advancement of science, and the marine sciences in particular, is essential for the future of our environment, in which oceans play a vital role. Well-prepared scientists and marine science specialists can meet this challenge by understanding how the world seas function as a biome, by finding sustainable ways to use its resources while mitigating human impacts and adding value to marine products and services.”


Training by research is the core component of a PhD. We therefore offer an immersive and enriching experience in marine research, with our vibrant community of over 200 researchers, state-of-the-art facilities for multidisciplinary research and easy access to marine and coastal ecosystems.



To a motivating research environment, our Doctoral School adds several features to fast-track the PhD candidate’s career: excellent scientific support, interdisciplinarity, internationalization, networking opportunities and a wide range of training activities.

Doctoral education is highly individual, as PhD candidates must develop original research and present different needs and expectations. Therefore, we provide tailored support at all stages of the doctoral journey so that our candidates may grow as researchers.


The CCMAR Doctoral School is based on four pillars: