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General Information


The Iberian Association for Comparative Endocrinology (AIEC) was funded back in 1998 in Peñíscola-Castellón (Spain). Our association is composed by Spanish and Portuguese scientists that study different aspects of the vertebrate and invertebrate endocrinology. It includes members of all ages who like to talk and share their scientific interests and make friends.

The association was founded to provide encouragement and to foster the research and scientific development and knowledge in comparative endocrinology developed in the Iberian Peninsula. The Association is composed by several Spanish and Portuguese scientists whose research are related to different aspects of endocrinology in both vertebrates and invertebrates. At present AIEC counts around one hundred members from different ages and backgrounds related with comparative endocrinology.

The future of our young Association depends on the continuity and of the participation of the members and non-members in our meetings, so it is essential that together we stimulate the active participation not only of members, but also of those that in the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin American countries are engaged in Comparative Endocrinology in all activities organized AIEC.

The AIEC is registered in the Spanish Ministerio del Interior with the number 164.747 and provides legal support to their members for the dissemination and widespread of the scientific research to the members

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AIEC Meetings


AIEC meetings occur every two years event and are organized by AIEC affiliated groups rotating around the Iberian Pensinsula. Subsequently to the first and inaugural meeting, 21 years ago, we have had ten other very successful conferences, in different geographical locations, that brought together many scientists and students interested in the field.

These meetings aim to showcase the recent advances and scientific outputs in comparative endocrinology and related areas performed in Portugal and Spain, but also by Iberian scientists spread around the world and their collaborators. Due to its relatively small size the AIEC provides a friendly environment for students, fruitful scientific discussions and strengthens scientific collaborations.

This is the second time the AIEC meeting comes to Faro, organized by the Comparative Endocrinology and Integrative Biology Group, at the Centre for Marine Sciences. Since the previous time, the 5th meeting, held in 2005, many progresses have arrived to the field, namely the emergence of high throughput -omics tools, that have broadened our knowledge of the widespread role of hormone regulation and their targets’ actions.

The conference will span for 3 days with plenary and regular talks and posters. We welcome abstract submissions in all subjects related to endocrinology, that will be allocated to specific thematic sessions, to continue the tradition of the previous stimulating AIEC meetings.

​We especially welcome students and early career scientists. AIEC and the organizing committee will provide limited support, usually by waiving registration fees. Please keep a look for the application rules and further information in the AIEC and AIEC2019 webpages ( and

AIEC2019 will take place at University of Algarve which offers excellent conditions for meetings, and not far from the city center. Faro is small but lively and cosmopolitan town in southern Portugal, with a rich history, easily reached by plane, train, bus or car. Faro offers accommodation options for all budgets, and many restaurants, bistros or food and wine bars can provide the best examples of Portuguese cuisine. Faro is in the center of one of the most important wetland and coastal lagoons in Iberia, Ria Formosa, a hotspot for biodiversity, offering opportunities for bird watching, nature walking, swimming, surfing, and other activities.

​We hope that the scientific program, the networking opportunities and the venue amenities are appealing and we look forward to see you. Come and join us in September 2019!!


The Organizing Committee