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GenoGla Diagnostics develops and commercially explores new products and technologies to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic inflammatory diseases associated with aging, namely cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis and cancer. In particular, GenoGla explores methods and tools on a new Vitamin K dependent protein, Gla Rich Protein (GRP) and its use as a biomarker of pathological calcification and inflammation (Intellectual Property: PCT/PT2009000046).

Created in 2009, GenoGla is a spin-off company from the Algarve Center of Marine Sciences and the University of the Algarve. With a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer in the areas of biomedicine and biotechnology, GenoGla has established a research contract with CCMAR in view of working closely with the Functional Biochemistry and Proteomics research team. The company also invests on a vast network of national and international collaborations, joint ventures, royalties and research agreements with universities, companies, and hospitals.  

Recently, GenoGla developed and validated a new ELISA to quantify the Gla Rich Protein in different biological samples including human serum. The translation of this tool into clinical studies showed a fundamental role of the Gla Rich Protein in the prevention of vascular calcification and contribute to validate GRP as a biomarker of cardiovascular risk.

Genogla is currently focused on using micro and nano technologies to develop and validate novel products with high biocompatibility and bioactivity, such as natural marine bioactives and formulations, proteins, antibodies and ELISA kits. These products are particularly relevant for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic international markets. The company also provides consultancy and analytical services in this area of expertise.