GreenColab | - CCMAR -

"The GreenCoLab will, in the short term, optimize the current industrial production of algae-based compounds for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, feed and animal feeds, and ensure that these products respond to market needs. In the long term, we expect the GreenCoLab to diversify the range of industrial products that can be extracted from algae to include, for example, biofertilizers to recover soils and products that act on carbon sequestration or wastewater treatment".

Adelino Canário, President of the Board.


GreenCoLab is a non-profit private organization and a collaborative platform between research and industry, whose research & innovation agenda is based on the exploration of micro-and macroalgae. Gathers several partners such as CCMAR, the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG), the University of Aveiro (UA) and four companies, namely Allmicroalgae, Necton, ALGAplus and Sparos.

One of the common goals among the partners is to promote the RDI on the cultivation of algae and algal biomass downstream processing, with the ultimate objective of generating a portfolio of new commercial products and services for the industrial partners. GreenCoLab holds a multidisciplinary team that couples a highly skilled team of international researchers with key associate researchers from our partners.

GreenCoLAB offers the following services:

  • Tailor made experimental trials from lab to industrial scale using algae;
  • Biochemical analysis and characterisation of algal biomass by researchers with extensive know how in algal feedstocks;
  • Services on the molecular characterisation of algal biomass, contaminants, and associated microbiome;
  • Analysis and modelling of data obtained from experimental trials using different statistical tools;
  • Training of students and researchers in different fields of algal biology and biotechnology;
  • Consulting and advising services in algal biotechnology.

You can find out more about GreenCoLAB HERE.