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Lisbon, the main portuguese city and capital, is about 280 km away from Faro.



There are daily flights between Lisbon and Faro, operated by TAP airlines. This trip can take about 45 minutes.



Portuguese trains are operated by CP and there are several daily connections between Lisbon and Faro, with trips that can last from 2h30m to 4h. The trips in Alfa Pendular (high speed train) are a more convenient and faster choice to travel. Prices can go up to 30€/person.



Rede EXPRESSOS and EVA Transports provide buses from Lisbon to Faro. There are a lot of options and schedules for this direct transport between the two cities. The journey can vary from 3h to4h, depending on the number of stopovers. Tickets cost around 19€.



Car trip Lisbon-Faro can take from 2h30 to 3h if you use highways A2/A22. Toll costs are around 25€. In Portugal, gas costs 1.50€/1.60€ per liter. A22 charges electronic toll.