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New and Alternative Resources

In light of the major environmental changes that our ocean is currently facing, one strategy to ensure the balance between marine conservation and fisheries exploitation is to promote the use of new and alternative resources. Our researchers work towards finding new or underutilized fisheries resources that may become strong alternatives to resources that are vulnerable to fishing pressure or are already being over-exploited. The life cycles, biology, ecology, genetics and population dynamics of new and alternative resources such as sea cucumbers, will support the development and/or improvement of management and governance of their fisheries. Management of non native species (eg. jellyfish) estuarine species will be also developed through a top-down approach. The use of micro-macro algae and cyanobacteria on nutraceuticals, pharmacology, medicine, aquaculture and animal nutrition, is consolidating the economical value of these new marine resources. Research on new economic activities such as eco-tourism will contribute to integrated coastal management and the blue economy.

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