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During the XVII Congress of the Portuguese Society of Ethology there will be, as usual, a poster session. This year's online format requires the panels to be displayed in a virtual gallery, available for visits throughout the duration of the congress. During the time of the poster discussion session, participants will be able to interact with the authors through chat rooms dedicated to each poster and where the author will be present - just like in a traditional congress (please check the instructions below with the application requirements for this purpose).
Participants who communicate by poster will have at their disposal a link to upload their file. This link will be sent by email as soon as the scientific committee reviews the submissions and there are decisions on the final format of each paper.


Early social development of wild infant capuchin monkeys

Nayara Teles


Social Interaction of bottlenose dolphins of the Sado Estuary and Arrábida coast

Francisco Martinho


Early development of sociability in infants of wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus)

Pilar Roncero


Patriarchal hegemony from an ethological perspective and other social systems

Ana Clara Vidal


Fêmeas e machos de Aulonocara nyassae blue orchid (Regan, 1922) preferem se abrigar ou se alimentar?

Caroline Teixeira Bonifácio


The Relationship between Morphology and Temperament in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris)

Flavio Ayrosa


Behavioural modulation in the Siamese fighting fish (Beta splendens) caused by holding water of dominant males

Melina da Silva


Noise-induced behavioral and physiological effects in larval zebrafish

Lau Ieng Hou


Functional specialization of social learning in Drosophila melanogaster

Carla Simões-Henriques


Development of trill usage in wild capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus)

Júlia Folchito Lacerda


Development of diet choices in capuchin monkey infants (Sapajus libidinosus)

Guilbert Rodrigues de Araujo


Behaviour of common octopus individuals facing a baited trap

Marta Dominguez-Lopez




1. Use the Zoom application instead of the web version

The Zoom platform will be used at the Conference, both for the plenary sessions and for the remaining sessions and meeting rooms/breakout rooms to discuss the posters. Each poster will have its own room where participants can interact directly with the poster author. In order to get access to this feature during the event, we recommend using the Zoom application, instead of the online version that opens directly in the browser. 


2. You must have a Zoom 5.3 or higher version

Please check if you have the most up-to-date version for the Conference (Zoom 5.3) in order to be able to view the meeting room / breakout room option. This way you can freely choose and even change rooms and return to the main session. If you use a previous version of Zoom, these features are not available and you will have to ask the host / host to enter the rooms manually. This process, if manual, can take much longer.

3. Quick and easy update

The good news is that this update is free, fast and easy and you can do it right away! Enter the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device and update it.

Step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial here