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Specific Chemical Analyses

Specific Chemical Analyses available at CCMAR


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Element determination using Elementar Vario EL III *    
Total CHN, Organic Carbon (%) in archaeological samples 53.60€ / sample 61.90€/ sample
Total CHN, Organic Carbon (%) in biological samples 24.60€ / sample 19.50€/ sample
Total CHN, Organic Carbon (%) in paper filters 24.60€ / sample 19.50€/ sample
Determination using Bruker TQ-456GC *    
Plant Essential oils profiles by GC-MS 14.50€ /sample 15.50€ /sample
Fish Fatty acids profiles by GC-MS 25€ /sample 26€ /sample
Plant extracts phenolic compounds by GC-MS 28€ /sample 29€ /sample
Plant Contaminant profiles by GC-MS 43€ /sample 57€ /sample
Element determination using Agilent 4200 *    
Elements determination (Ca, Na, Fe, K, Mg) in freshwater  16.5€ /sample/element  21€ /sample/element 
Heavy metal determination (Al, As, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Zn) in freshwater  16.5€ /sample/element  21€ /sample/element 
Elements determination (Ca, Na, Fe, K, Mg) in bivalves   17.5€ /sample/element  21€ /sample/element 
Heavy metal determination (Al, As, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Zn) in bivalves 17.5€ /sample/element  21€ /sample/element
Analyses using NMR    

Sample prep & 1 H/13C spectrum NMR (2-5 mg 1H; 20-30 mg 13C)

22€/ sample

24€/ sample

Analyses using µ-FTIR    
 Microplastics in water/salt, µ-FTIR (Silicon filters 5 µm) 86€/ sample 102€/ sample
Materials ATR or transmission 14€/ sample 20€/ sample
Analyses using Orbitrap Elite (UHPLC)    
Full scan spectrum (ESI/APCI-MS)  5€ /spectrum  10€ /spectrum 
Full scan spectrum + fragmentation (ESI/APCI-MSn)   10€ /spectrum  20€ /spectrum 
UHPLC-HRMSn single profile**  50 /sample  70€ /sample 
Quantification of regulated marine biotoxins in bivalves ***    
Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison toxins (DSP)        
Okadaic acid and dinophysistoxins  n/a 120€ /sample
Azaspiracids  n/a 80€ /sample
Yessotoxins  n/a 80€ /sample
Paralysing Shellfish Poison toxins (PSP)  n/a 200€ /sample
Amnesic Shellfish Poison toxin (ASP)  n/a 70€ /sample
All (28)  n/a 500€ /sample
Pectonotoxins   n/a 80€ /sample
Data Processing Compound DiscovererTM / Metabolomics    
Max ID. Detects and identifies all compounds in a single sample (with data dependent MS2). 
10€/profile 40€/profile

Untargeted Metabolomics. Finds and identifies the differences between samples.  Predicts elemental compositions for all compounds, identifies compounds using mzCloud (ddMS2) and ChemSpider (formula or exact mass).  Also performs similarity search and applies mzLogic algorithm to rank order ChemSpider results. Maps compounds to biological pathways using Metabolika. Applies QC-based batch normalization if QC samples are available. Calculates differential analysis (t-test or ANOVA), determines p-values, adjusted p-values, ratios, fold change, CV, etc. 

40€/sample set

80€/sample set

*Software Data Report will be delivered.
**For methods implemented in the laboratory such as the metabolomics methods. Raw data without report, together with a copy of Xcalibur 4.1TM software are available to all users.
***All toxins are quantified by UHPLC-HRMS by following standard addition methods (see Marine Drugs, 2022).


Current market conditions may change prices at any time.
For definitive values please contact: ccmarcts@ualg.pt