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Structural and chemical analysis

Identifies, quantifies, and unveils the structure of chemicals in biological material

At CCMAR we have put together a high-performance platform to identify and discover all types of compounds in natural products, enabling us to also quantify those compounds and even to describe their molecular structure.

In this platform you will find not only state-of-the-art equipment (mass spectrometers, NMR, etc.), but also the support of our technical team that gathers expertise in methodology development, sample preparation and analysis.

CCMAR is a member of the of the Portuguese Network for Mass Spectrometry (RNEM) and the Portuguese Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Network (PTNMR).

It is possible to start with a very simple analysis of compound content and concentration - the main classes of chemicals present in a sample - up to the screening and isolation of a fraction or a single compound and, in this case, the definition of its chemical structure.

Compounds already isolated from marine organisms (plant to animal) include partially purified chemical fractions possessing anti-tumoral activity, anti-parasitic activity, and pheromones.

Identification of the chemical structure of bioactive compounds permits their synthesis either “in-house” or through commercial companies so that more detailed studies of structure and function can be carried out.

The link with other technical platforms in CCMAR means we can then assess bioactivity of chemical fractions or isolated compounds using bioassays with whole animals, or in vitro assays with cell lines, enzymes etc and incorporate biosensors.

Services available on this platform
Our services are available for on site or remote access depending on their characteristics and client preferences.

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry 
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 

Elementar Analysis 
Sample Processing 

Specific analyses
In addition to access to equipment analyses for bioresearch, we also provide specific analyses for determination of elements or heavy metals, microplastics, biotoxins or essential oils.

In the spirit of innovation and research at CCMAR, if the desired analysis does not yet exist, it can be developed as needed.

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