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Technological Platforms


CCMAR has laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology to perform chemical and structural analyses, develop bioimaging work, implement biological assays and conduct advanced research in molecular biology.

Our highly qualified scientific team, which combines chemistry skills and extensive experience in analytical methods, supports the use of the laboratory equipment that makes up these technological platforms.

In our technology platforms we can carry out all kinds of laboratory activity - from the initial processing of samples to the development of new methodologies to analyse them.


Everything you need to do advanced research

The link between our various CCMAR technology platforms provides continuity at the scientific research level, particularly in the areas of bioprospecting and biodiscovery. Our platforms allow the researcher to identify and quantify compounds present in biological samples (see Structural and Chemical Analysis), which can be obtained through other services (see Biological Resources, Ecosystem Access).

Once compounds have been identified, our platforms allow testing of their bioactivity by performing bioassays on living organisms and/or in vitro assays with cell lines (see Bioessays), and visualising biological processes in real time through bioimaging techniques (see Bioimaging).

Compounds that have already been isolated originating from marine organisms include partially purified chemical fractions that act as:

  • Anti-tumour agents,
  • Anti-parasitic agents,
  • Pheromones.

Finally, once compounds with proven bioactivity have been identified, their chemical composition can be identified (see Chemical and Structural Analysis), which will enable their synthesis for commercial application


How to use the CCMAR technology platforms?

The capacity of CCMAR's technological platforms is available to researchers through on-site services, in which the researchers themselves use the equipment in the laboratories. If necessary, our team can provide researchers with the technical training needed to use certain equipment.

If it is not possible to provide the necessary training to use certain scientific equipment, or if the researcher wishes to receive the results of the analysis without having to perform laboratory work, he may instead choose to use our technology platforms through remote services, which include various laboratory analyses for which our team has developed robust analytical methods.