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The draft resolution that proposes the creation and funding of the Comité de Cogestão da Pesca do Polvo do Algarve was debated and approved by a majority in the Assembly of the Republic.
From Olhão to Viana do Castelo, during eight meetings, researchers explained the effects that climate change will have on the fisheries sector and fishermen reported what they already feel at sea.
Our researcher Bárbara Horta e Costa is one of the members of this group calling in the journal Science for an agreement on harmful fisheries subsidies.
The event was directed especially to fishermen involved in octopus fishery and stakeholders with an interest in the co-management of this resource.
During a field trip in March, our researchers, found and identified on the southwest coast, 15 species of deep-sea elasmobranchs, including some quite rare ones: the goblin shark, the frilled shark and the sailfin roughshark.
At the meeting the project was presented, as well as the pilot actions predicted to be developed with the collaboration of the fishermen.
In Portugal and in most EU and worldwide countries the information on the impact of climate change on exploited resources is inexistent. In this study, researchers studied the role of climate change in fisheries in Portugal.
O “Livro Verde sobre a Pesca do Polvo no Algarve” é apresentado esta sexta-feira, 1 de Junho de 2018, pelo CCMAR, e resulta de dois anos e meio de trabalho que juntou à mesma mesa diversos intervenientes da pesca do polvo na...
É o primeiro registo em mapa dos nomes dos principais bancos de pesca algarvios. Um verdadeiro legado, construído com a inestimável ajuda e colaboração de pescadores e associações locais. Após o lançamento oficial do mapa,...