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We are engaged in the smart and sustainable exploitation of marine resources, including micro- and macroalgae, seagrasses, marine invertebrates and also coastal plants (halophytes).




Our research is divided in 5 sub areas: XtremeFoods (for human nutrition); XtremePharma (for pharmaceutical uses), XtremeVet (for veterinary aplications); XtremeBeauty (for cosmetics) and XtremeCrops (Production of selected species).

Most relevant expected contributions of this research team includes the development and optimization of innovative commercial products incorporating active extracts from selected marine species, to be used in different commercial areas, and of sustainable cultivation technologies, such as in vitro techniques, greenhouse cultivation and IMTA systems, aiming the production of biomass and ingredients for commercial purposes.



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Luísa Custódio Senior Researcher
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Retrato de Catarina Guerreiro Pereira
Retrato de Cristiana do Couto Pereira Maia
PhD Student
Retrato de Eliana Fernandes
PhD Student
Retrato de Maria João Rodrigues
Retrato de Marta Oliveira
Todas publicações
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Título do Projeto Coordenador Período Financiamento CCMAR Total
ManaCruzi Marine Natural Products Against T. cruzi 01/01/2014 a 31/12/2015 FCT
XTREMEBIO Halófitas: um recurso precioso de elementos nutricionais e compostos bioactivos Luísa Custódio 01/05/2013 a 31/08/2015 FCT 135.21k€
SEABIOMED Organismos fotossintéticos marinhos da costa Algarvia com aplicações biomédicas Luísa Custódio 04/01/2010 a 30/04/2013 FCT 159.02k€
Título do Projeto Coordenador Período Financiamento CCMAR Total
HaloFarMs Development and Optimization of Halophyte-based Farming systems in salt-affected Mediterranean Soils 01/10/2020 a 30/09/2024 1.000,00k€
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Sala 2.31 I Edifício 7 I Campus Gambelas
Luísa Custódio trabalhou anteriormente no CCMAR como investigadora auxiliar e juntou-se ao grupo XtremeBio. Parabéns à nova posição Luísa!
Catarina Guerreiro Pereira apresentou e defendeu a sua tese sobre “Chemical and biological characterization of halophyte plants with ethnopharmacological use in the Algarve coast”.
Viana Loaiza, juntou-se ao grupo de investigação XtremeBio. Bem-vinda à equipa!