New on Board: Marta Albo | - CCMAR -

Tell us a bit about the work you are/will be doing at CCMAR. 
I have joined the ECOREACH team and I will be involved in the Clima-Pesca project. The objective of the project is to have a better knowledge of the vulnerability to climate change of the main Portuguese fisheries, to propose adaptation and mitigation strategies. In collaboration with the fisheries sector, we will combine the ecological vulnerability assessment of the main commercial marine species with socio-economic indicators. 


What were you doing before you joined us?  
I was working in the Institute of Marine Science of Barcelona (Spain) where I did also my PhD. I was involved in different projects related to the ecology and management of small pelagic fish. More specifically, I was studying the changes in life-history traits and trophic habits of sardine and anchovy in the Western Mediterranean Sea. 


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 
I love being at sea, snorkelling. Also, I enjoy hiking, dancing, being with friends and family, and I like reading books, listen to music, and going to concerts.