New on Board: Olga Azevedo | - CCMAR -

Tell us a bit about the work you will be doing at CCMAR.

I will be involved in the development and implementation of a DNA metabarcoding method for species profiling of ichthyoplankton and in the study of the usefulness of eDNA for monitoring marine fish communities. For that, among other tasks, I will provide support in the field surveys that will be done at the Guadiana River and Ria Formosa lagoon system and I will perform the morphological analyses of ichthyoplankton.


What were you doing before you joined us?

After some traveling and working in different fields, I completed an Erasmus Mundus Master Degree in Marine Environment and Resources. Before joining CCMAR, I was living in Italy while conducting my thesis project on the influence of environmental factors on the complexity of white shark behavior in South Africa.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to explore new places, from silent forests to crowded cities. I enjoy being surrounded by natural environments, especially in the company of different animals. I adore having a good laugh with my friends and family but also laying down on the sofa silently reading a book.