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7º CCMAR Seminars - January


3rd January (Tuesday) - Amph. C
The influence of oceanographic fronts and early-life-history traits on connectivity among littoral fish species
Ciro Rico
(Profesor at Université Laval and Researcher at Estación Biológica de Doñana)


The spatial distribution of neutral genetic diversity is mainly influenced by barriers to dispersal. The nature of such barriers varies according to the dispersal means and capabilities of the organisms concerned. While these barriers are often obvious on land, in the ocean they can be more difficult to identify. Determining the relative influence of physical and biotic factors on genetic connectivity remains a major challenge for marine ecologists. Here, we compare gene flow patterns of seven littoral fish species from six families with a range of early life-history traits sampled at the same geographic locations across common environmental discontinuities in the form of oceanic fronts in the Western Mediterranean. We show that these fronts represent major barriers to gene flow and have a strong influence on the population genetic structure of some fish species. We also found no significant relation between the early life-history traits investigated (egg type, pelagic larval duration, inshore-offshore
spawning) and gene flow patterns. The fronts analysed and the underlying physical mechanisms are not site-specific but common among the oceans, suggesting the generality of our findings.

11th January  - Amph. A
Genomics and functional gene characterisation in photosynthetic eukaryotes
Frederic Verret
(Biogeographical Ecology and Evolution at CCMAR)

18th January - Amph. A
Green Technology put in use for Agro-Food industry
Catarina Duarte
Researcher at IBET (Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica)

25th January - Amph. A
Expedição Áreas Marinhas Protegidas da Costa Oeste Africana - Senegal, Gambia e Urok, Bijagós
Alexandra Cunha


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