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ESOC-Life is an association of 13 ESFRI life science research infrastructures. EOSC-Life was set up to promote the publication of FAIR life science resources in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). EOSC-L provides policies and tools for secure and ethical reuse of life science data, thereby creating an open collaborative digital space for European life scientists.

CCMAR is an associate member of EOSC-Life. Along with partners at EMBRC, CCMAR is collaborating on an EOSC-Life Open Call 1 project entitled “A workflow for marine Genomic Observatories data analysis” which provides analytical and data provenance workflows for the EMBRC EMO-BON project.


Project summary:
Very large marine metagenomic datasets are produced from the EMBRCʼs Genomic Observatories (GOs) in order to decipher the dynamics of marine ecosystems. This project supported by EOSC-Life will develop a workflow for analyses of such Marine Biology data that will allow researchers to deal better with this increasing amount of data. This initiative will make the data produced by the GOs more easily interpretable by providing the taxonomic inventories of each sample in a timely manner and in a non-technical format.