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08 September 2022 | 09h00 | Complexo Pedagógico; Penha Campus; University of Algarve; Faro


This workshop will take place in the city of Faro on 8 September 2022 and will include four public sessions with lectures from top international experts in Endocrine Disruption and Pollutant Monitoring Programs.

Since the workshop is funded by Euromarine, registration is free of charge, so all inscribed participants (limit of 45 for CECE-ISFE participants and 45 external) can participate, on a basis of first-come, first-served.

20 participations of each type will be reserved for students (preferentially PhD and early-career scientists). Please register here and we will respond if you were accepted by 31 July.

For registrations, we will ask your personal data, affiliation and you can fill in a short (up to 100 words, optional) text explaining your motivation to attend.